Rustic materials such as rusty metal, recyclable furniture and old bicycle tubes speak to the senses and are part of the experiments with Junkyard Art - or Reuse - Hanne Fabricius works with in a serie of animal sculptures. She is educated from the School of Interior Design (now Danish Design School) where she has later been teaching herself. She has knowledge of culture history from a degree in ethnology at the University of Copenhagen and as project management on HD level from Copenhagen Business School.  
Title: Vexation. The work are inspired by a memorial stone in southern England over two dogs, which in 1894 crashed from the cliffs of Devon. Vexation means agitation, but symbolizes also "Beast in your breast". Recycled materials, children chair and used bicycle tubes.
Title: Vanity. Dogs names can symbolizes mental properties. Vanity means the weak or desirable soul which stands for fall. Recycled materials, table, high heeled shoes and used bicycle tubes.
Title: Odin's Mighty Spirit - Ravnen Hugin. Animals have throughout the time been used as symbols of gods and human spirits. In Nordic mythology, the ravens Hugin and Munin symbolize Odin's allied spirit. Recycled materials, wooden chair, used bicycle hoses and grill grids.
Title: Odin's Mighty Spirit - Ravnen Munin. Thanks to the ravens, the Asaguans king is able to see everything and maintain the overview, despite a serious visual impairment. Recycled materials, wooden chair, used bicycle hoses and grill grids.
Under the subtitle: "The earth we walk", Hanne Fabricius had also worked with forttage. The fascination of different surfaces as Kronborg Castles beautiful cobbled streets and wooden floor, seaweed on the beach, frost-blown asphalt and traces in gravel, results in textiles as pillows and scarfs made by FabricusDesgn.dk.
As in Renaissance tapestries, Hanne Fabricius also combines decorations with sound damping function in her silk pictures. At the Danish Arcitecture Centre 20 examples of her akustic frottage-pictures with motivs from urban spaces, have recently been shown.
Behind this cat, you see exambles of such akustic frottage-pictures of manholes.